Augusta Music Family Tree

Also later known as the US Army Signal Corps Band, this group was able to form many different ensembles:

Concert band, Marching band, Phase I jazz/rock combo, Phase II jazz/rock combo, Crooked River Dixieland Band

Members included:

Conductor: George Armijo

Trumpet: Jerry Brant, David Shockey, Mike Andreas, John Wilson

Trombone: Dennis Lowe, Tony Seel, Lee Seeley, Paul Kemp

Saxophone: Tyrone Holland, Jimmy Easton, Pat Keels

Oboe: James Garst

Tuba: Larry Williams

Guitar: Nigel Hardaman, Dennis Lowe

Electric Bass: Dennis Lowe, Ken Foster, David Shockey

Clarinet: Doug Austin, Steve Chapman, V.D. Bilingsley

Percussion: Clay Kirby, Joseph D. Mitchell III

The band was inactivated by the US Army in 2016.

The band was the first musical organization to perform at the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center, at its opening.