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In Search Of The Great American Rock Song[]

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BAND MEMBERS:Chris Livingston(Liv)-Guitar, Brian Reynolds(B.Reyn)-Guitar, David Newhall(Big Ed)-Bass, Brian Panowich(Pano)-Vocals, Brian Allen(Stak)-Drums and Vocals


O.K., So here's the thing.....48VOLT is the bridge. To understand that statement is to understand the way this town of ours(Augusta GA's) music scene has been for the past 20 years or so. I'll give it to you in personal examples. Me ( Brian P ) and Chris Livingston have been playing in Augusta and surrounding area bands for most of the late 80's and 90's inspired by the sounds of Janes's Addiction, Soundgarden, The Peppers, and Mother Love Bone. We pretty much waved the freak flag high over on our side of the tracks. All the while Brian Allen and Mr. Newhall were doing the same thing inspired by the sounds of Dinosaur Jr., Sunny Day Real Estate and The Pixies. Their side of the tracks ALSO cooking with gas. 48VOLT's resident electron, Brian Reynolds was really the only one of us that crossed the tracks from time to time inspired now AND then only by The Cult.

You see it wasn't the schools we went to, or the clubs we hung out at ( The town ain't that big....) It was the Genre of music you played that drew the lines in the dirt keeping all the players looking down their noses at one another. The headbangers stayed on one side, and Indie guys on the other and never the Twain shall meet. We brushed each other's arms ordering drinks at the Bar but stayed firmly rooted to our cliques. Strangely that was just the way things were.....

Rock and Roll took our numbers on the road to North Carolina, Florida, Colorado and various other lands of promise but like most solid hometowns, Augusta called home her weary and through the shear determination of Chris Livingston the two sides converged in a sweaty practice space with the intent of making music together. the bridge....that was the idea.

The 48VOLT sound can be classified depending on who you ask, I might say we're a Country and Western Band in disguise. Brian Reynolds might tell you we're a Rock and Roll band, Chris might tell you we're Something NEW, Newhall most assuredly will tell you we're NOT. Brian Allen might tell you to go fuck yourself and for that I apologize in advance. Either way you can make the final call.

We are in search of the Great American Rock Song and we're doing it from what I think is one of the Greatest American Rock Scenes, Live from Augusta Georgia....and we won't stop till we get it right.

Brian Panowich 07.26.2008