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Blackout's logo.

Blackout is a 3-piece metal/punk/rock act from Martinez. The band was formed in 2005, but on June 26, 2010 it was split off into differing solo projects; Spinscythe and Raising Phoenix.


Steven Dechant - Vocals, Bass guitar.

Jeremy Minney - Guitar, backing vocals.

Joey Towner - Drums, backing vocals.


Blackout's original lineup performing as Steven Dechant (left), Joey Towner (middle), and Jeremy Minney (right).

Social Activity[]

Blackout has played a number of shows with several bands local to Augusta, including; Avaria, My Latest Fashion, Say Vandelay, In Pursuit of Angels, Seladora, St. Bandit, Roselyn, and several others.


Though music is no longer at this time being played or recorded by Blackout, 6 of their original songs can still be heard streaming on their Myspace profile;