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Sort Of An Asshole/Sort Of Loud/Sort Of Pretty Okay[]

Born January 18th,1969

Brian Allen is also known as Stak(a message board handle signifying nothing that ended up sticking)

Brian began playing drums in earnest at the age of 13....Some school mates at Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School were looking to start a band and needed a drummer....being the son of Steve Allen, Brian had a drum kit available at home as well as a PA.......therefore, he was in the band......and so it started....

To Follow were a series of numerous bands and very prolific musical output....a partial discography to follow....

Stepping Back In-Neato Torpedo(1989)Soul Smudge Records

MudGroove-Neato Torpedo(1989)Selfless Records

Haunted Pillar Presents(compilation)-Smile(1993)Haunted Pillar Records

Peripheral-Smile(1993)Independent Release

Chocolate Thunder Pussy-Mary Jane Jones(1994)Independent Release

Moon Man(7inch vinyl)-Mary Jane Jones(1995)Haunted Pillar Records

Save Our Butt(compilation)-Mary Jane Jones(1995)Haunted Pillar Records

Grand Slam Jam(compilation)-The Earl Brewer Quartet(1998)Haunted Pillar Records

Starlets-Ghostscript(2000)Econojam Records

Proposes A Toast-Neato Torpedo(2001)Gun Up Music

Citizen's Band-Neato Torpedo(2002)Gun Up Music

Meltdown 2002(Lokal Loudness compilation)-Neato TorpedoLokal Loudness Productions

The Beat Of Meat-Turtleneck(2003)Econojam Records

The 12 Bands Of Christmas Volume 1-Turtleneck(2003)Bordertown Music

The 12 Bands Of Christmas Volume 2-Josh Pierce Group and Hellblinki Sextet(2004)Bordertown Music

The 12 Bands Of Christmas Volume 3-Hellblinki Sextet(2005)Bordertown Music

Same Old Foibles-Joe Graves And The Dirty Left Hand(2006)Econojam Records

Live At Sector 7G-Joe Graves And The Dirty Left Hand & American Skin(2006)Sector 7G

We've Hit Ground-Joe Graves And The Dirty Left Hand(2008)Econjam Records

Oratory-Hellblinki(2008)Independent Release

12 Bands Of Christmas Volume 6-48VOLT(2008)Bordertown Music

Additional accomplishments include being voted as the Lokal Loudness Choice Awards Favorite Drummer in Augusta in 2003,2004,2005, and 2007......

Currently, Brian plays in JOE GRAVES AND THE DIRTY LEFT HAND, 48VOLT, and THE JOE STEVENSON BAND......additionally, he authors a blog dedicated to the music of Augusta,Georgia called CONFEDERATION OF NOISEMAKERS at

He also co-hosts an internet based Augusta music phone in talk show called CONFEDERATION OF LOUDNESS every sunday at 5pm.......