Augusta Music Family Tree

Multi-instrumentalist who started his musical career as a trombone player with the 434th Army Band at Ft. Gordon, 1979-1984. Played lead trombone, later electric bass, with their jazz ensemble. Also performed as classical guitar soloist.

Sat in with various groups in the area during that time, eventually partnering on electric bass with keyboardist Chris Mangelly. This "Real Book" duo often was augmented by either drummer Stan Crouch or Bert Justice, guitarist Raymond Collings, trumpeters John Wilson or Fabio Mann. With Mangelly's various combo configurations, Lowe played electric bass, or occasionally trombone and / or guitar.

Played electric bass, sometimes lead trombone, for the Chris Mangelly Big Band. Played electric bass for City Rhythm, an Aiken big band led by keyboardist Dale Bevier.

Frequent performer on various instruments in pit orchestras with the Ft. Gordon Dinner Theater, the Augusta Players, and the Augusta Mini Theater.

Played guitar with the Augusta College Jazz Ensemble in mid 1980's.

After leaving Augusta in 1996, Lowe performed with several community theater groups throughout the southeast United States. Played guitar with the Spartanburg Jazz Ensemble, trombone with the Greenville Community Symphony Orchestra, and occasionally returned to Augusta to perform with the Chris Mangelly jazz combo.

While teaching computer science at Newberry College in Newberry, SC, joined (as lead guitar) fellow faculty members in founding faculty rock band, The Berries. Musicians included drummer Warren Moore, rhythm guitarist Larry Ellis, and bass player / vocalist (the late) K. Doug Cook.

Currently living in northernmost New York state, conductor and guitarist with the Jack Kelley Big Band (, as well as front man for jazz combo "Father Dennis and The Faithful". Former electric bass and trombonist with jazz quintet Crescent Street Jam, and former guitarist with jazz trio Judson Street Jazz.