Augusta Music Family Tree
Advertisement Born - Ft. Benning GA 18 Jan 1956 first musical experience - accordion lessons in the second grade, Oklahoma City OK

baritone horn - 7th grade band in Hanau, Germany electric bass - with John Bradley at Westside High School 1973-74 studies at Augusta College and Berklee College of music

Worked with the following groups in Augusta GA 1974-1979 JOHN DOE BAND Raymond Collings guitar David L'Heureux drums Cantine Jones woodwinds Chris Mangelly keyboards (1977-79)

1978-1979 The NO Band Matt Whittington guitar David L'Heureux drums OR Joe Berardi drums

Boat gig on MTS JASON out of Piraeus Greece 1979

1980-1982 BRIEF ENCOUNTER Jay Finney tenor Frank Simpson piano Chris Mangelly piano Al Mead drums

1981-1982 GARDEN CITY ALL-STARS Tim Saunders tenor Joe Collier trumpet Tyrone Jefferson trombone Chris Mangelly keyboards David L'Heureux drums

1983-1984 ED FUQUA QUARTET John Brolley baritone & soprano sax Matt Whittington guitar Klaus Suonsaari drums

1984 Goldsmith Trio Frank Simpson piano David L'Heureux drums

1985-1986 Goldsmith Duo Matt Whittington guitar

1985-1987 EDGE (then SNAFU) Steve Mitchell guitar Butch Guisto keyboards David L'Heureux drums

1986-1987 PARTRIDGE INN QUARTET Ellen Prather vocals, Matt Whittington guitar, Al Mead drums

was also the "house" bassist for Sunday night jazz bookings at the Cafe DuTeau 1984-1987

Moved to NYC in 1987, currently residing there. Author of WALKING BASSICS:The Fundamentals of Jazz Bass Playing published by SHER Music, 2008