Augusta Music Family Tree

In Full Effect is a band based out of Augusta Georgia. They were together from 1998-2008. The band played one show in 2009. In early 2012 the band reformed and are in the middle of recording. As of now, the band plans on possibly playing a few local shows.

They play hardcore and punk rock in the old school styles similar to bands such as Leeway, Minor Threat, Agnostic Front, Warzone, Bad Brains, Uppercut, The Business, Slapshot, Biohazard, Breakdown, Burn, Maximum Penalty, Sick If It All, Judge, Side By Side, Cause For Alarm, Underdog, Sepultura, Pro Pain, Spudmonsters, Bold, One Life Crew, Black Flag, Rejuvenate, Outburst, Uniform Choice, Negative Approach, The Abused, Token Entry, Sheer Terror, Crisis Under Control, Act of Faith, Anti-Heroes, Path of Resistance, Madball, Gorilla Biscuits, Slayer, Crumbsuckers, Integrity, Subzero, and many others. Most of their songs were original and lyrical themes included the standard hard times, political, and friendship themes common in this genre.

They played extensively throughout Georgia and South Carolina during their ten plus years of active operation. They recorded numerous demos the first being released in 2000 at a shade tree studio in rural North Carolina. This material was sold at shows in the form of home manufactured cassette tapes and cds. They recorded a second demo with acclaimed producer Dean Baltilonis at his studio in New York. This material was marketed to ideal record labels with dissapointing results. One of the songs was included on a compilation cd. Many live recordings exist and are available on the internet. Another final recording has been scheduled for sometime in the future.

The band was comprised with members of The 556s, Foul Mouth Mitchy, and Dissension.

Chris Tomlinson (guitar) and Bob Dunnaway (drums) are lifelong friends and played together in The 556s, a Thomson Georgia based punk rock band that played house parties, community centers, and small venues. Jacob (vocals) and Jay Sills (guitar) were members of Augusta band Foul Mouth Mitchy. Nick Yamisato (bass) and Steven Vining (vocals) were members of Augusta band Dissention.

Nick, Steven, Jacob, and Jay all attended Westide High School and lived in the National Hills area of Augusta and knew Chris and Bob from frequenting the Capri Cinema, a local nightclub.

After a few gigs, Steven and Nick went in a different musical direction and formed another band.

The lineup changed to Chris (guitar), Bob (drums), Jay (bass), and Jacob (vocals) and continued with this arrangement for some time.

The band owned and operated a hole in the wall club called The Capri Cinema from 1999-2003.

Aaron Patterson began playing guitar alongside Chris and his brother Mike Patterson frequently joined the band for vocal help on several songs.

For a period, Aaron played bass and Jay sang due to Jacob's scholastic and career pursuits.

Jacob obtained a degree in music from Georgia Southern University.

Jay and Jacob left the band periodically from 2004-2007 while they travelled seasonally to Colorado in search of work.

Longtime friend Chris Baxter assumed the main vocal role in the band.(2004 - 2009)

The 2012 reformed 'In Full Effect' include Jacob Sills(vocal), Chris Tomlinson(guitar), Aaron Patterson(bass) and Bob Dunnaway(drums).

Information, music, and pictures are available on their website [1]