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Born: April 4, 1966, Augusta, Georgia Lokal Loudness Web Site

Starting with his first live music performance in Frankfurt, Germany in 1979, musician/promotor/journalist/web designer/graphic artist/sports announcer John "Stoney" Cannon has performed in Europe as well as Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Washington D.C., New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, and in several cities in his home state of Georgia.

Known mostly as the creator of Lokal Loudness, a 'zine turned online music resource for the Augusta, Georgia area, Cannon has been covering music since 1991 through not only Lokal Loudness but also as a music journalist for The Metro Spirit (Augusta, GA), Verge (Augusta, GA) and Scene-A-Zine (Columbia, SC). Lokal Loudness was even a fixture in downtown Augusta, GA from 2002-2005 as an office/record and book store.

In conjuction with Lokal Loudness Cannon has created the best local annual music events including Rocking the Stocking (1994), The Lokal Loudness Choice Awards (1995-Updated in 2001), the 12 Bands of Christmas (2001), Rock For Dough (2007), and the Lexie's Legacy Concert (2004). In addition to events and music coverage Cannon has released four Lokal Loudness "Meltdown" compilation CDs featuring Augusta artists (2002, 2004, 2005, 2006).

Cannon's non-music activities include commentating for several area wrestling organizations as well as serving on several community boards over the years such as Kids ReStart. Additionally Cannon has dabbled in radio and television even producing and co-hosting Georgia-Carolina Wrestling on WBEK Augusta in 2007.

While mostly known for his love of local music and pop culture, Cannon has founded or co-founded several Augusta bands including but not limited to Family Jewels, The Brotherhood, Tommy Hangover, Vagabond Missionaries, and G-City Rockers.

Recording / Release History (actual releases in bold)

1987 Savoirfaire - Live, self produced

1987 Solo - Jene, Hardy Studios

1991 Family Jewels - Family Jewels, self produced

1994 Lil' Venice - Reveal/Until Then, recorded at Beat Zero, Augusta, GA

1996 The Brotherhood - Demos, recorded at Renaissance Studios, Martinez, GA

1999 Tommy Hangover - Sinkhole, recorded in Toledo, OH

2000 The Brotherhood - Alive 2000, release

2000 Vagabond Missionaries - F**Kin; Live, recorded at the Bajou, Augusta, GA

2001 Vagabond Missionaries - Tears of America/New Day Love Song, recorded at JameSound Studios, Augusta, GA

2002 Vagabond Missionaries - Garage Door Opener, recorded at The Hangnail, Augusta, GA

2002 Vagabond Missionaries - (Fall on Me) Meltdown 2002 compilation, Lokal Loudness

2002 Vagabond Missionaries - Sweet Love Junkie/Pushin n Shovin, recorded at JameSound Studios, Augusta GA

2002 Vagabond Missionaries - Hungover for the Holidays EP, recorded at JameSound Studios, Augusta GA

2003 Stoney - Ghosts of Asbury, recorded at loudhouse Studios, Augusta, GA

2003 Vagabond Missionaries - Dirty Ashtrays & Empty Beer Cans, PRS Records

2004 G-City Rockers - All I Want (on Christmas), recorded at Sector 7G, Augusta, GA

2005 G-City Rockers - Kings, Queens & Vagabonds, recorded at Sector 7G, Augusta, GA

2006 G-City Rockers - Haven/Say, recorded at Sector 7G, Augusta, GA

2008 G-City Rockers - Up on the House Top, recorded at Sector 7G, Augusta, GA

2008 G-City Rockers - Up on the House Top, recorded at Renaissance Studios, Martinez, GA

2008 G-City Rockers - (Up on the House Top) 12 Bands of Christmas compilation, Bordertown Music

Stoney plays Fender electric guitars, Epiphone & Galveston acoustics, and Marshall & Drive amplifiers.


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