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The Kilpatrick Project (Original Line Up) L to R: Wes Fritz, Miles Kilpatrick, Matt Thomas, Jeremy McGavin (cc lounge Magazine)

The Kilpatrick Project - Hard Gums, Soft Teeth, We've Nothing New To Say...

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TKP 2004 - L to R - Miles Kilpatrick, Marc Rodriguez, Ward Picklesimer, Wes Fritz


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TKP Playing at the 12 bands of Christmas - Imperial Theater, Augusta, GA

(2001 - 2002 Statesboro / Augusta, GA): Miles Kilpatrick

Original Band Line Up (2003 - 2004 Augusta, GA): Miles Kilpatrick (vocals, lead /rhythm guitar), Wes Fritz (bass), Matt Thomas (drums, backing vocals), Jeremy McGavin (piano, lead /rhythm guitar, backing vocals)

(Additional Members (2004 - 2005 Augusta / Atlanta,GA): Caleb Parker (drums 2004), Marc Rodriguez (drums 2005), Ward Picklesimer (guitar 2005)


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TKP Plays The Masquerade in ATL, GA / Drive Thru Records On Fire Tour, 2004

I(four)I ep - (2001)
Heart ep - (2003)
Where I Come In ep (2003)
Soviet Moon Suit(Limited Release) (2005)

'Put Syrup On The Records Comp.' - "Longing" (i(four)i ep)
Lokal Loudness Meltdown 2005 - "New Song" (Soviet Moon Suit)
12 Bands of Christmas (Vol. 3) - "Mr. Grinch"

Tours / Awards[]

Drive- Thru Records On Fire Tour, 2004
Favorite Local Group - Lokal Loudness Music Awards, 2005
Best Male Vocals - Miles Kilpatrick - Lokal Loudness Music Awards, 2005
Best Bassist - Wes Fritz - Lokal Loudness Music Awards, 2005


i/four i ep
...a very pleasant foray into space rock.
- Matt Shimmer,

THE KILPATRICK PROJECT : 12 Bands of Christmas Volume 3
MR. GRINCH: Bombastic - but in a good way. It's the animated classic filtered through the grim humor of Alice Cooper. An unexpected interpretation of the tune.
- Steven Uhles | Staff Writer - The Augusta Chronicle

...the drummer looks like he belongs in a seven piece jam band.
- Andy Stokes - The Metro Spirit