Spinscythe is a musical project that was created by Blackout guitarist Jeremy Minney in 2008. It is Jeremy's solo project.

Spinscythe's most recent pixel art logo.

Style and InfluenceEdit

We are inspired by many different artists and bands. In particular, the sound of Spinscythe is influenced by: Chuck Schuldiner, Devin Townsend, the pillows, Galneryus, Dance Gavin Dance, Johnny Shines, MCR, delta blues, J-rock and visual kei, death metal, melodic death metal, video game music.


Jeremy Lee Minney - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Harmonica.

Graye Smith - Drums.

Mike Holmes - Box Drum, Harmonica.

Cevin Clay - Personality Guitar.

Daniel Demorest - Personality Guitar, Backup Vocals.


Spinscythe's various pages and social media:

Spinscythe also worked in partnership online with Mystical Ping Productions and can be heard in episodes of The Legend of Roika series' soundtrack.

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