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Spinscythe is a musical project that was created by Blackout guitarist Jeremy Minney in 2008. It is Jeremy's solo project.


Spinscythe's 2008 pixel art logo.

Style and Influence[]

We are inspired by many different artists and bands. In particular, the sound of Spinscythe is influenced by: Chuck Schuldiner, Devin Townsend, the pillows, Galneryus, Dance Gavin Dance, Johnny Shines, MCR, delta blues, J-rock and visual kei, death metal, melodic death metal, video game music.


Jeremy Lee Minney - Vocals/guitar.

Larson Jones - Lead guitar.

Stephen Boucher - Drums.


Spinscythe's various pages and social media:

Spinscythe also worked in partnership online with Mystical Ping Productions and can be heard in episodes of The Legend of Roika series' soundtrack.