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Three The Hard Way were a band best described as "...too punk for hardcore and too hardcore for punk." Started in 2003 by Crazy Johnny (The CopKillers, Jon The Hard Way, and Chris Carrick (The Cubists) after a chance meeting at a vintage clothing store, Three The Hard Way remained a presence in the Augusta music scene. Known for their wild show antics, Three The Hard Way developed a sizeable following. In 2005, they released "Love God Murder" and played extensively in support of the album. Three The Hard Way, perhaps infamously, also became known for their merch, with such shirts reading "Emo Kids Burn Pretty Colors," and "Avril Lavigne is my b*tch," the latter prompting a cease and desist order from Ms. Lavinge's record label.

Disbanding in 2007 after Jon (guitars, vocals) moved away, they played one benefit concert in 2009 at Metro Coffeehouse: a benefit for longtime friend and supporter Ray Cotten. Printing a few specialty shirts for the event, Three The Hard Way donated all merchandise sales to Ray's family for funeral expenses.

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Crazy Johnny currently runs Missing Fink! records out of Augusta, Georgia. Jon The Hard Way currently has released an album of solo hardcore material under the moniker "Reames," out of his home scene of Dallas, Texas.

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